Vote Chams 2018 Ward 10

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Safe Bike Lanes

   Bike lanes have been a long standing issue. We hear a lot of  talk with no action. Many of our new bike lanes currently being installed are already outdated. White lines no longer work. Identified bike lanes are a important for safety.  As gas prices rise even higher along with insurance many rely on bicycles for transportation, exercising and for leisure. We need to focus on the future and insure we can provide a safe and up to date bicycle lanes.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Program

 Weather in Windsor has brought new attention and snow removal on sidewalks has become a necessity because it is a safety issue. It is time we introduce a snow removal program that will not only be good and cost efficient for our city it will also create jobs along with great savings from unnecessary lawsuits and inspection notices. 

Many Cities have used this successful method of snow cleaning. This will make our city safer along with creating an easy commute for everyone. It is time we move into the future with a safer, cleaner and friendly  user sidewalks during the winter

Scramble Sidewalks

Some areas across the city including school zones, city bus drop offs tend to be extremely busy intersections.  Scramble cross walks are proven to be a success around the world and in the United States. This is a low cost easy solution that will make crossing safe for pedestrians and bike riders as well. It is time to move towards the future and introduce scramble cross walks. 

Remington Park's Future is in your hands this election.

 Remington park was one of my most focused areas during the last election and remains top priority during this election. The city has spent millions in areas across the city and overlooking the needs of Remington park area. My commitment if elected will be to work closely with  our new council and Mayor outlining the importance of Remington park which has not had funds allocated for any upgrades such as Sidewalks,roads, policing along with many other on going issues that need attention.     

Dominion Blvd & Northwood

 Traffic light solution and speed issues continue to be number one priority. This area has been an ongoing issue for many years and continues to be one of the main issues in ward 10.  Synchronized Traffic lights which is proven to solve traffic woes is the solution I proposed last election and remains the most simplified answer to the issue and has been used in may states with great success.  

Dominion Boulevard Solution

Time for realistic solutions. Campaigning promises no longer work. Dominion Blvd has only one solution and it has to be done today. I am ready to move forward with this permanent solution. 

South Cameron Ditches

Ward 10 residents are tired of illegal dumping and I have a plan in place that will end this. I suggested this plan 4 years ago and nothing has been done. If elected this will be addressed on day one. Cameras are not the solution and costly. We need a better system in place to insure the dumping ends. 

Vote Oct 22, 2018

Your voice is important. We can make a difference. Tell everyone to vote on Oct 22, 2018 for real change.  

Flood Smart City Plan & Program

 Windsor has seen its worst times when it came to flooding. Families were left stranded by insurance companies and the government flood relief program.  We need to focus on the effected areas as priority and then follow up with the areas not effected to insure we build a flood smart city. 

Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is already in progress in some Windsor areas. The city of Windsor encourages its residents to call 311 to initiate a study for a traffic calming service request. As an elected official I feel this would be my responsibility to bring this forward to the residents and initiate the process rather then waiting for residents to bring this up.  

Building Permits & Rezoning fees

During the last election I was the only candidate that brought forward a new vision with a proven plan of success for waiving building permits in areas that suffer the most for recapitalization.  The plan was to remove the fees in areas that need redevelopment to encourage builders to build in those areas creating a balance of new in core areas. 

In this election I will bring forward the rezoning fees and costs. We all know when it comes to rezoning it is costly and the most difficult issue remains to be the "it is a gamble". After investing over $5000 in application fees, you may be denied and then you lose your money. It is time we introduce a 3 step program that would make this process fair. 

1. A deposit of $500 for starting the process of rezoning.  

2. A 2nd payment of $1000 after the 1st review. 

3. The balance payment due upon approval only. 

This would encourage investors more when it comes to making a change that may benefit both the investor and the City.   

Zalev Brothers Scrapyard

It is time to make this a serious discussion and push harder with the newly (re)elected council and Mayor for a better living choice for ward 10 and Windsor residents. If the government can spend millions of dollars on a full demolition of Herb Grey highway mistakes they can afford to relocate Zalev scrapyard for the sake of a better future.

General Auditor

As a business owner for over 25 years the key to a successful business was to insure audits were completed frequently. These audits show where improvements can be made along with any wasted money. My plan will include to support an independent auditor for the city of Windsor.