Ward 10 Office will Open 2018

Ward 10 Office Will Open In 2018

Ward 10 will have an office opened in 2018 for ward 10 residents to visit. With the new salary of nearly $220,000 over the 4 year term, it is time we commit to full time and back to weekly meetings to insure quality time for the agenda. I will commit to opening an office for ward 10 at my own expense with no additional cost to the tax payer. This office will play an important role in our community allowing residents to have full access to me during the most important times.  When it comes to new ideas, ward 10 issues or even a simple discussion my office will be open and ready for residents. Building a stronger community starts with communication, accessibility along with great commitment. Vote Mohamed Chams ward 10 .  

Voting on issues & projects every time

Your Opinion Matters

If elected you will have your voice heard the entire time. I will have ballot boxes placed in my personal ward 10 office where you can vote on new projects, matters and issues. Giving the power back to the voter. 

The voter controls

Your ward, your city and this is why your voice matters. I believe the residents should have the right to vote anytime rather then once every 4 years.  Getting involved makes a difference. Vote with confidence. 

Transparency & Involvement

Although the voters put their full trust into a candidate to make the proper decisions, allowing the residents to be involved in decision making makes us stronger and more transparent. Some residents may not have the time to attend city council meetings or voice their concern, this gives them the freedom and the chance to get involved anytime.