Active in our City

Windsor resident for 47 years

I have been involved with our city for over 20 years. When it comes to big decisions that have great impact on our city I became involved.  Decisions on projects from the WFCU, fire halls, bike lanes and safety issues such as added stop signs etc. I attended and took part in all of these meetings to insure the best decisions were made.  

Being involved in our community

Awareness programs, fund raising, charity, blood drives  and more are all a key part of our community.  Being active with our community makes us stronger and closer.  Join me with future events. 

Interaction with our children

Our children are our future, our decisions not only have a great impact on us, they also dictate our children's future. Getting our children involved at a young age paves a great future for them.  

Community Sports and Healthy Living

I have coached many sports in our local community such as soccer, hockey, track and more. Being involved when it comes to recreational activities is important for our children. Good leadership starts with us.

Support groups and organizations

What makes us a strong city? Supporting great causes, standing with positive groups and organizations that help make our future better. 

Being active among our leaders.

Getting involved with our local churches, places of worship and other positive groups and leaders is what keeps our community close, paves a better future for our children so get involved and join us in making a better future for everyone.